Heart To Heart Empowerment | Mission & Vision

Mission & Vision


The mission of Heart To Heart Empowerment, Inc. is to create and mobilize a grass-roots network of advocates and volunteers – in order to coordinate and deliver supports and services to underserved and vulnerable parents, children, and families – with the goal of enhancing self-sufficiency, civic engagement, and overall quality of life.

Organizational Vision

Heart To Heart Empowerment, Inc. aims to achieve the goal of helping local children and families enhance the overall quality of life by:
  • Coordinating with public and private schools and their family liaisons to assess the critical needs of school-age children and youth;
  • Coordinating with local business owners and other community based agencies to leverage support to address the identified needs of low-income and otherwise needy parents and children;
  • Providing educational supplies to low-income and otherwise needy parents and children via our signature H2H Luvs R Kids!  Annual Backpack Distribution Campaign;
  • Providing appropriate attire to low-income and otherwise needy families to assist them with preparing to engage and succeed in work and/or school-related goals;
  • Providing parents with project-based activities that encourage and strengthen the parents’ involvement in their children’s academic, personal, and emotional development;
  • Providing parents with advocacy and self-development activities that encourage and strengthen the use of public services and promotion of civic engagement;
  • Providing workshops and other means of training to needy women to promote health and overall wellness.


  • Balance of Mind, Body, and Spirit
  • Community Collaborations
  • Equality
  • Faith-Minded & Compassionate Action
  • Holistic Well-being of Each Individual and His/her Community
  • Organizational Transparency and Integrity
  • Reciprocity in Servitude